What You Should Know About Tree Services

Many people who own properties in forested areas will eventually need to hire a tree service.

However, there are a LOT of things to keep an eye out for so you can hire the best tree service possible

Here’s our list.

#1 – Make sure your contractor is licensed!

Many contractors aren’t actually licensed or don’t have insurance for their tree service business.

As a result, if they do damage to your property, and they don’t have money to pay you out of pocket, you might NEVER be able to get compensated for your damages.

Make sure your contractor has both insurance and is licensed. They might not even be a legitimate company!

#2 – Make sure the tree service pulls up the ENTIRE tree

This is critical … most tree problems exist at the root level. If you don’t get all of the roots up, your foundation and surrounding property might still be damaged.

Make sure the ENTIRE tree goes … roots included.

#3 – Clear out all branches and debris

A lot of companies will leave the debris all around the property. Ensure that your tree service professional cleans up all the debris and ANY mess that they made.

#4 – It can take time for them to get to the job

Be sure to tell them its an EMERGENCY and you need them there right away. Tree service companies are always busy – especially in places with lots of trees, bushes, and more.

So make sure they understand how SERIOUS your situation is.

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#5 – Always check reviews online first

Make sure your contractor is trustworthy and reliable.

Check reviews online and ask for previous work experience before hiring a tree service professional. You want to make sure you have the RIGHT professional on your side.

Don’t just trust this job to simply anyone.

Get the right professional to handle your tree emergencies.